• When my items will be shipped away?

    Your order will be prepared and shipped 1 or 2 working days following the reception of your payment.

  • How can I follow my order?

    You will receive a tracking number the day after your parcel is shipped.

  • How much costs a delivery?

    For Mainland France:

    a standard delivery, for accessories and cordons, costs 6,50€. Your parcel will reach you 3 to 5 working days, following your order and your payment reception.
    A fast delivery will cost you 24,50€ and your parcel will reach your address the next working day following your order, if we received your payment.

    Please, note that is you don’t choose Fast delivery option when you pay, your order will be ship in a standard way, free or not, depending on the products you buy (cf above).

    For international delivery, please see the details by country on the delivery zone.

  • What is the delivery deadline?

    Delivery time will depend on delivery address.

    Following the reception of your payment, your parcel will reach you in 3 to 11 working days, depending on your location, except during the closing time of our logistic central. Please, go to the delivery page on our website to see in which zone you are.

    Any order will be deliver at the following dates, we will take care of it at the reopening:

    • Summer: last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August
    • Winter: Christmas week to end of the first week of January
  • Can I have a delivery address different than my invoice address?

    Yes, you can fill different addresses in your “My Account” section – part “addresses”.

Return & exchange
  • How can I be sure that M’iTiK® received my returns items?

    Your return is sent with a tracked parcels. You can know the status thanks to the tracking number.

  • Can I return or exchange jewelry that I purchased on line to a M’iTiK® boutiques (except on www.mitik.fr)?

    Online orders has to be returned to the address on your invoice.

    It is impossible to return a product bought on our M’iTiK® e-shop to another retailer and you can’t return a product purchased on a M’iTiK® retailer to our e-shop.

  • What is the policy of return for products purchased in sales on M’iTiK® e-shop?

    Sale products are neither returnable, nor exchanged, excepted if there is a factory flaw.

    In that case, the product can be returned or you will benefit from a credit note, like for a product not in sales.

  • What is your policy of return?

    If you want to return one of your M’iTiK® jewelry to obtain an exchange or a credit note, please make sure that:

    • The product hasn’t been worn and is sent in its original jewelry box. Returned items incomplete, damaged or dirty won’t be exchange and won’t benefit from a credit note neither.
    • Return your product, wrapped in its packaging of origin and in an adapted cardboard box (not a paper envelop), with your invoice number or an invoice copy, to the address on the invoice.

      Cost and risks of transport are in charge of the sender. We remind you that items have to be return by registered mail only (for country concerned).

    • One your returned parcels received, we will proceed to the exchange or the credit note. You will receive a validation email.

My orders
  • Can I add a personalized message to the person who will receive the gift?

    This service will be soon available.

  • Can I order M’iTiK® jewelry by phone?

    M’iTiK® items can be ordered only through our M’iTiK® website. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Why was my order deleted?

    There are several explanations of delay: a product or the size you ordered are not available in stock anymore, a payment issue, a delivery address issue. A part or full order will be reimbursed depending on the situation. The pay back can take up to 14 days, depending on your bank.

  • How can I order?

    To order, please select item(s) you want and put it/them in your cart. Once the selection done, follow the explanation on the payment page to end your order. You have to create an account or to connect to an existing account. You will receive an automatic confirmation email as soon as your order will be validated.

  • How do my items will be wrapped?

    All our M’iTiK® are delivered with a M’iTiK® jewelry box and a mini-catalogue. You jewelry box will be carefully placed in a parcel, which will be shipped by a transport company.

  • Which kind of payment do you accept?

    We accept 3 ways of payment: by credit card/3D secure, by transfert and by Paypal.

  • How can I edit or cancel my order?

    We take care of orders very quickly. Once you received your confirmation email, and as soon as your payment is validated, your order can’t be changed or canceled anymore.

  • How can I change my personal information on my account?

    To change your account information, go to “My account”, where you can edit your personal information and your addresses. You can also see all your orders.

  • Which kind of email will I receive about my orders?

    You will receive a confirmation email with your order, your invoice and your tracking number.

    You also will receive an email from “La Poste tracking” noticing when your parcels will be shipped and you will be able to follow your delivery status at any moment.

Guarantee & fixing
  • My product is tarnished. What should I do?

    The oxidation (blackening) is natural. 925 Silver always tarnishes when it’s getting older but this process is emphasized if the metal is in contact with perfume, sea air, sulfur, skin cream, hair spray, chlorine and cleaning detergent. So tarnish is not a flaw from conception. We advise you to avoid wearing your jewelry during your bath, sport activities or when you sleep.

  • My M’iTiK® jewelry arrived damaged. What should I do?

    We are sorry to hear that. Please, return your jewelry to the address on your invoice: at reception and after checks, we will proceed to a free exchange and we will pay back the returning cost.

  • My received order is incorrect, damaged or incomplete. What should I do?

    We are sorry to hear that. Please, return your jewelry to the address on your invoice: at reception and after checks, we will proceed to a free exchange and we will pay back the returning cost.

  • What should I do if I lose or break my M’iTiK® jewelry?

    The guarantee doesn’t cover a loss or a stealing from your jewelry. Attrition, tarnish or damage from a non-adapted use are neither covered by guarantee.

  • Is it possible to fix my M’iTiK® jewelry?

    It depends of the damages on your jewelry. If your M’iTiK® jewelry shows a factory flaw during the period of guarantee, M’iTiK® will replace this item for free. If it isn’t a factory flaw but a damage from an accident or a non-adapted use, we invite you to return your product with the invoice. We will send you a quotation for the exchange of the product. Repairs will be done after we receive your validation.

  • My M’iTiK® jewelry is broken and I don’t have the invoice. What should I do?

    The guarantee lasts 1 year and only cover the factory flaw. Break or damages from an accident are not covered by guarantee. The invoice is obligatory for claim. It is the proof of guarantee.

  • My jewelry is broken after the guarantee deadline. What should I do?

    After the guarantee deadline ended, we invite you to return your product with the invoice. We will send you a quotation for the exchange of the product. Repairs will be done after we receive your validation.

Our jewelry
  • What is a tiki?

    A tiki is a human representation of god or genius, sculpted in wood or stone, and Polynesians attributed of holy power and honored them by prays and offering. For instance, in Tahiti, a tiki placed outside a house is dedicated to protect the inhabitant.

    M’iTiK® had the idea to reproduce this protective statues in 925 silver pendant, to wear them as necklace or bracelet. Each tiki represents a symbol: you can find your tiki SMILE, TENDERNESS, WISDOM and STRENGTH.

  • Does my tiki really protect me?

    Polynesians attribute magical qualities to tikis, which bring safety and protection. This talisman jewelry will carry powers that you will attribute to itself.

  • Why do you have different cordons?

    Our chains and cordons were specially elaborated to our M’iTiK® jewelry .

    You will find different lengths and thickness to offer you more choice depending on your tastes or the tiki you picked up.

  • What is a zirconium oxide ? And what is an onyx?

    To have a better understanding of what is zirconium oxide, please click (here).

    To have a better understanding of chat is onyx, please click (here).

    You can also go on our page (M’iTiK® guide) to learn more on the jewelry.

  • Do you have a size guide?

    Yes, you can download our catalogue cliking (here).

  • How should I stock my M’iTiK® jewelry?

    Your jewelry should be stocked in its M’iTiK® jewelry box, away from sun light and heat, or in a jewelry case. It also can be stocked in a polyethylene zipping bag.

  • How and why M’iTiK® jewelry are stamped?

    M’iTiK® jewelry are stamped by our factory, according to the European Union law. You will find on every M’iTiK® jewelry :

    • - Title stamps, which guarantees the purity of metal (“925” for silver);
    • - The Master stamp, which guarantees the jewel’s origin, here the international M’iTiK® retailer (“CEMPP”)
    • - M’iTiK® logo (« »)
Our boutiques
  • What is the closest M’iTiK® shop?

    Go to our interactive map to find the closest M’iTiK® shop clicking (here).

  • Is the packaging of M’iTiK® products different if I buy it online or in-store?

    Every jewelry M’iTiK® are delivered in a jewelry box, no matter if they are sold in-store or in our online shop.

  • Can I pick up items I purchased online in one of your shop?

    You cannot pick up your items purchased online in a boutique. They will be delivered at the address you chose.