The discovery of the fabulous myths of the Tikis of Polynesia, mysterious witnesses of a forgotten past, prompted us to imagine and create for you the first Tikis M’iTiK®, in 1998.

It is in that spirit, imprinted of dream and imagination, that we invite you to a timeless journey beyond continents, to the discovery of the new M’iTiK creations®.

Let us guide you through the M’iTiK® Jewel Universe, it will take you through ages and civilizations. Those jewels, original and exclusive, will be your passport for dreams and escape.

Let yourself be transported into the M’iTiK®Jewel Universe, that will guide you to ancient times and civilizations. Those jewels, original and exclusive, will operate as your passport to dreams and escape.

Developed according to traditions, the M’iTiK jewels are in Sterling Silver (white, rose or yellow rhodium-plated), with or without zirconium oxides, and with a black onyx as central stone.

TheM’iTiK®logo you may find on each jewel, guarantees you the authenticity of a real M’iTiK®Jewel

Respectful of the environment

As the world’s supply of black coral* was disappearing, M’iTiK®decided in 1999 to permanently abandon its use and replaced it with black onyx.

*black coral is protected by the treaty of Washington, which regulates its harvesting.